Heartwarming story for kids and adults

This book sends you on a magical journey to the world of yoga. Gina and her mom, who both live fast paced lives, discover a new wonderful world where both of them can stop time and breathe, learn to enjoy being in the present moment and become closer. I’d recommend this book to both kids who might consider joining yoga class as an alternative to some competitive kids activities, but also parents, who overload their children and themselves trying to fit that unreachable standard of a perfect family. This book will bring you and your kid closer together and remind you of what’s truly important.
P.S. Besides the great story, the book features beautiful illustrations!

Captivating, Enchanting, Magical Story!

I just finished reading this amazing gem of a book by Traci Manuel. I was instantly captivated by its story about the enchanting world discovered by a young girl named Gina, who while attending a yoga class with her mom, experiences her mat suddenly being freed from time and space. To Gina’s delight, with her on her mat was her mom. Up and away they fly on the mat together into the beautiful world of Gina’s imagination, soon to discover the wondrous world of nature, unfolding with wisdom and the miracles of life. This very special and charming tale creatively and gently explores the importance for modern day parents, to relax and to release the tendency of to over-pressure and over-schedule their children with non-stop activities morning to night. To explore nature freely has been Gina’s precious young dream, yet in the story, her mom is not willing to allow her any time or space to do this. Yet into nature Gina’s magical yoga mat decides to fly, and soon after she is met by many wonderful nature teachers. These powerful yet gentle giants, like Tyler the Tree, who teaches Gina patience as she attempts to find balance in Tree Pose, and also Marc the Mountain, who teaches Gina how to do Sun Salutations, while sharing with her how he loves greeting the Sun rising each morning, are a couple wonderful examples. During her enchanted journey, the joy Gina feels from being with her mom, yet also being now being allowed the freedom to follow her heart’s desire of exploring nature, are inspirational. I highly recommend reading of this book together with your child. This story will have you both uplifted, as you join hearts together to experience with Gina flying together into the absolute wonder of this beautiful story. As the reader rides upon the magical mat of this delightful story, it opens up to both children and parents, many beautiful gems of wisdom, all so artfully woven together, with nature, yoga, and Gina’s heart. This is a truly inspiring book for both children and parents alike.

Love this as a yogini, parent, and yoga teacher!

Great book! As a yoga teacher, I love this book because it addresses the entire 8-fold path of yoga and the true meaning of yoga and experiencing it through a children's story makes it so easy to be understood. As a parent, I love that I can use this book with children of all ages to teach them about the spirit of yoga, but to also have a anchor for dialogue about so many issues that matter to them and to me. As an person and yogini, I also found helpful reminders about how I commit my time, and what commitments that I have in my life that bring my energy down and does not serve me. As well, the story reminded me of the importance of connecting to nature and how spending time in the elements brings us so much healing and insight. This is a must have book in all studios and schools that want to dive deep into the spirit and practice of yoga and life!

Beautiful story about a Mother and Daughter.

This is a beautiful story to read either with your child or alone, the illustrations are magnificent.

Prioritize What is Really Important

Very well written and illustrated. We can all take away life-long lessons from this story in dealing with the stress of daily life and how to prioritize what is really important!! Congratualtions to Traci and the "Gina Explores Nature" team.

An Imaginative and Fanciful Children's Story With Plenty of Life's Lessons Via Yoga.

I purchased the soft cover book to give to my grandchildren as a bedtime story to be read aloud by one of their parents. The story is somewhat unusual for a children's book, but it is certainly engaging, with lots of action and illustrated brightly-colored Yoga poses throughout. I am sure that my grandchildren will enjoy the story and have a great time demonstrating their Yoga.

Beautifully written and illustrated.

A delightful book for young and old. Beautifully illustrated too.

Beautiful story about a Mother and Daughter.

This is a beautiful story to read either with your child or alone, the illustrations are magnificent.

A delightful book

Well written and beautifully illustrated. Many life lessons for all who face the stress of daily life. We are looking forward to reading Gina with our young granddaughter. Congratulations Traci and we look forward to your next book!