Traci Manuel is a business entrepreneur known for spending most of her days working in many time zones. As mentors, her parents continue to exemplify a work ethic that she came to emulate. Nevertheless, Traci came to yoga as a way to find both physical and emotional balance. Also, the practice of yoga has provided the missing piece to her life that she was seeking. She has met so many wonderful teachers and friends along this path. Although her yoga style has changed a lot over the years, even now, it continues to evolve. She also enjoys tending to her indoor plants, music, and looking at trees. Practicing the yoga philosophy of “Staying Present” she loves watching the ripples of the water as boats pass by, while she works at “being in the moment”.

Alexandra Lotts, is a self-taught illustrator, designer and photographer from Minsk, Belarus. She uses watercolor to inspire relaxation in people.