Best Book in the Category of CHILDREN'S ADVENTURE
"Gina Explores Nature: Lessons From a Magical Mat" by Traci Manuel.
Chosen By the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs.

In the Western world, people sometimes think yoga is only for the uncommonly flexible or for practicing monks. In actuality, yoga has many different disciplines, making it accessible to people of all ages and capabilities. However today, kids are often over-scheduled by their parents from morning to night with school and various other activities. Gina’s Magical Mat took her to Nature and provided a vehicle to remove her from her overly busy young life that was exacerbated by parental expectations. She and her mom get to travel to a place where she could learn yoga from animals and other elements of Nature. More importantly, both learn some powerful life lessons, which ultimately improve their already strained relationship.

What a wonderful book. I am not into yoga so I purchased it for my daughter and granddaughter. I realized reading the book that it is such a touching story between a mother and daughter that take yoga together. Through yoga many life lessons emerge. I just LOVED the story and the illustrations are beautiful. I felt relaxed and peaceful after reading this book. It is a great way to bond with my granddaughter. Although she is almost two years old she loved the pictures of the poses and animals and loved the story. It is indeed a book for adults and children as well.
Great job!!!

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